Welcome To 3D World

Nowadays, technology is somehow so improved or increased cause of interests in modern world sciences and smart phones usage. The animation and color graphics are making the different community of people to be lost in 3D world of animation and technology. Usage of gadgets and 3D glasses is also a kind of new things in the modern world sciences and to bring the images alive to yours eyes and real-world attractions.

The 3D is based on X-Axis, Y-Axis and Z-Axis so what we are looking every image is seen on screen is actually 2D (two dimensional including X and Y Axis) but the fact when we see an image is reflected outside the screen using any polarized effects or shutter glasses is a concept of 3D (three dimensional including X, Y and Z-Axis).

In the past, the Anaglyph technology were used for the 3D view of imaging and objects which are based on red and cyan colors that glasses used for viewing such an animation or object is an Anaglyph 3D image on the screen.

All the animation films which are directed and produced in the Hollywood Industry are nowadays working on IMAX Cameras (Advanced IMAX 3D Cameras for shooting Polarized effects). The viewers see the images on the screen are more real and alive like something is nearly touching yours eyes so that you can even feel the touch but you can’t cause it is just an effect of screen using polarized 3D views.