Web connected iWatch – Apple

Apple has applied for a trademark for the name “iWatch” in Japan, fueling speculation that the company may debut a long-awaited Internet-linked iWatchwristwatch in the months ahead.

Apple declined to comment yesterday on the application, which was submitted June 3 and posted on the Japan Patent Office website June 27.

Roger Kay, founder and president of Endpoint Technologies Associates in Wayland, predicted that in the coming months, Apple will debut a watch that will operate on the same iOS platform as the iPhone and iPad, and that offers smartphone functionality and information at a glance.

“This will be just part of a roll-out of a number of new gadgets for the company,” Kay said. “Apple fans have been across a long desert in the first half of 2013, with no hardware announcements, but it may be coming to an oasis in the second half where there will be a bunch of them.”

Pressure to do that is rising because of the excitement over Google Glass and rumors that Samsung is working on its own Web-enabled watch, said Max Wolff, senior analyst at Greencrest Capital.

“If you’re Apple, you certainly don’t want to see them go first,” Wolff said. “Apple has a chance to reseize the lead.”

Carl Howe, vice president of research at Yankee Group, said the company may have registered the name defensively, or it may have a watch-like device to unveil in the future.

“They undoubtedly have a group of people working on something along these lines,” Howe said. “But they themselves often don’t know whether they have a new product until it’s done.”