Research Based Scholarship in UTAR, Malaysia

Physics quantum, quantum optics, Psychology , Computer Science, Chemical Engineering, Aquaculture Nutrition, Biotechnology, Advance Materials-Catalysis, electronics/telecommunication/microwave or related engineering Cancer Research and Molecular epidemiology, Natural products, Stem Cells, Epigenomics, Opticelectronics and Electromagnetic, Kinetics and Mechanistic studies, Medicinal Chemistry, Neuroscience, Data mining, Renewable energy-organic solar cell, Multimedia Content Retrieval, Electronic Packaging Interconnect, Polymer synthesis, Polymer chemistry, Biodegradable polymer, Environmental friendly materials, Cryptography, Information Security.Electromagnetic, drying technology, food preservation, Web and mobile software design and development, Precision metal forming, Water Resources Engineering, Hydrology, Hydraulics, Statistics, Mathematics and Environmental Study List of Research Scholaship post are available at:


Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s Degree, or equivalent.
Self-motivated, proactive and able to work independently
Good Command of English
Must register as a full time postgraduate student and their thesis/dissertation must be related to the project
1 year (extendable)
Stipend payment of RM2000 (Master), RM2500(PhD)

University Website: