Monthly Stipend Program for Unemployed Youth

Eligibility Criteria for Monthly Stipend

An unemployed regular Master (Alamia) degree holder who get their degree in 1st Division (60% in annual and 70% in semester system) from any Public Sector University of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/ Registered Deni Madrassah located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in the period from July 01, 2013 to June 30, 2014

If candidate is domiciled in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa/Fata shall be eligible for the Stipend under the Scheme.

Unemployed regular Master/ Alamia degree holders having Fata Domicile shall be eligible only if they have secured their degrees from Public sector Institutions/or regular Deni Madrassah located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and are not in receipt of such benefits from Federal Government.

The applicant will give an undertaking on six monthly basis before receipt of the Stipend for ensuing period with regard to his unemployment.

Stepend Management Committee
The scheme will be implemented through a SMC chaired by Secretary Finance and membered be Secretary Higher Education, Secretary Auqaf Department, Secretary Youth Affairs Department and three VC’s recommended by Secretary HED and approved by the chair. The SMC will approve the Implementation Mechanism for the scheme and the list of stipend holders recommended by the Institutions. The SMC will periodically review the performance of the scheme to ensure its transparency and smooth running..
In order to ensure transparency, the scheme will be carried out in collaboration with the degree awarding Public Sector Institutions and registered Deni Madaris. The University graduates will apply to their relevant institutions on the downloadable prescribed proforma along with the required documents. The candidate should apply on the prescribed proforma to the focal person in their respective educational instituition..The Institutions will analyze the data and prepare final list of eligible candidates as per the eligibility criteria and will forward the data on the prescribed format duly verified both in hard & soft form to Project Management Unit, Higher Education Department.

The Shahadat-ul-Alamia degree holders shall apply directly to their concerned Deni Madaris. Whose consolidated data (duly verified) shall be submitted to Project Management unit through the provincial representative of the Wafaq/Tanzeem/Rabta concerned. The Project Management unit HED after scrutinizing the data will forward the same for approval of the SMC.

Project Management Unit shall disburse the Stipend to their Bank Account on 6 monthly basis.

The candidate shall submit undertaking on 6 monthly basis, that he/she is still unemployed and this will ensure continuation of his/her Stipend. A complete record of data of the recipients will be maintained at Project Management Unit, Higher Education Department.

Complaint Redressel Mechanism
A Complaint Redressal Committee chaired by Special Secretary Higher Educational Department and membered by Project Director, PMU and representative of concerned institution will be constituted which will address the complaints regarding the scheme. Written Complaints addressed to the chair will be submitted to the Committee for redressal and the complainant will be informed in writing about the decision accordingly in one month. .