Best IT Innovation Awards (BITA) recognize and encourage creativity in the field of IT. It is a platform to identify individuals, organizations and companies whose innovations can drive us towards knowledge based economy. The key players of BITA will help to encourage serendipity through sharing ideas and building relationships and connections. The platform will serve as a council to discuss the possible applications and likely implications of the latest technologies in the context of our national needs.

Call for Proposals:

Proposals are invited for innovative project/product ideas that can have a strong impact on society and are relevant to the needs of Pakistan. Submissions from all the domains which are pivotal to the area of Information Technology are welcomed.


  • To challenge Pakistan’s brightest minds and encourage high quality innovative ideas in the field of IT through competitive funding

  • To attract entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that will motivate the upcoming generation towards engineering career


  • To establish a communication channel between academia and industry in order to disseminate knowledge and enhance cooperation for fostering innovation ideas and products

  • To promote and guide the mainstreaming of innovation plans both for the academia and the public/private sector

  • To create and flourish creative clusters by planning, supporting and assisting budding entrepreneurs

  • To help in invigorating the economy by encouraging skilled individuals to translate their efforts into business settlements