AAOU2013 Conference

“Leveraging the Power of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) for Building a Divergent Asia –Today’s Solutions and Tomorrow’s Vision”.



AAOU (AAOU: Asian Association of Open Universities) is a non-profit organization of higher learning institutions that are primarily concerned with education at a distance, namely, education in which the systematic teaching and the communication between student and teacher or institution take place mainly by a variety of media. AAOU was founded in 1987 by a number of open universities in the Asian region who realized the significant contribution of distance education in democratizing the provision of learning opportunities to mankind.

To meet the needs of education for both developed and developing countries is a concurrent great challenge. In this direction Open Distance Learning System can play a vital role due to its cost effectiveness, flexibility and with no restriction of age or the workplace. Open Distance Learning mode of education can further be strengthened by integrating the innovative technologies and all varieties of the available media to reach its students in an effective manner in the outreach/remote areas.

The focus of the conference is to work for strengthening ODL to deal with them problems of education in the divergent Asia effectively. The conference will provide a platform for ODL and other experts to share their views on the issues relating to the problems of illiteracy, making education accessible to all, use of technology, etc. to meet the current and future challenges in the field of education. The researches and experiences of experts and institutions in the ODL will be shares to make collaboration between different institutions work on new projects with an emphasis on the use of technology in the ODL.

Conference Sub-Themes

1. Emerging Trends in Open and Distance Learning

2. Building a Global Future through Research and Innovative Practices in ODL

3. ODL and Human Capacity Building

4. Technologies and Strategies for providing Education through ODL

5. Application of ODL in Various Disciplines

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